3PF – the team to position you for growth

At 3PF, we’re here to take the financial management of your business to a new level. Don’t think of us as consultants or traditional accountants. We don’t sit on one side of the table to do work for a client on the “other side”.

We’re genuine commercial accountants who take pride in working alongside you and becoming enmeshed in your team, your goals and your culture. We’re here to assist with everything from bookkeeping support through to filling the CFO seat.

Whatever level of service you need, our goal is to provide the confidence that the financial side of your operation is under control. From straightforward cash flow management for businesses turning over $3m right out to full-service financial controls for enterprises turning over $50m – we’re on it. Our team members have been there, using their knowledge and experience to deliver successful outcomes.

Why we have a
different approach

Like for many of our new clients, our service approach may strike you as refreshingly different.

We don’t like either the consultant model or the accountant style. There’s too much distance and not enough collaboration. That’s why 3PF works to seamlessly integrate with your existing team. Sitting right there next to them in the workplace. We’re not necessarily there to replace them. We’re there to bring in new skills, new ideas and raise the game.

What this means in the real world is that our offering is usually packaged in one of two ways:

Commercial expertise,
real-world experience and
customer-centric flexibility

At 3PF, we’re here to revolutionise your understanding of what outside support for the financial side of your business can be.

So, don’t confuse us with the “financial consultants” you may have worked with before.
With us, you’ll be accessing experts who will mesh with your team, protect your money and help set the business up to reach the growth rates you know it has always been capable of.

Find out for yourself…