Your business has momentum and is making its way, but things are slower than they should be. Money is being managed ineffectively. Systems are going off-track. Opportunities are being missed. You suspect the core issue lies in financial controls and capabilities. And yet, you lack the resources for an internal finance department. As a result, your current accounting, bookkeeping and payroll staff are stuck with duties that are not strictly within their scope, nor ideally within their skillsets.


With your financial capabilities hampered, cash flow forecasting is a side task and reporting is being handled by under-trained staff. Put it all together and it leads to a hamstrung capability to execute strategic plans and the occurrence of costly mistakes. These are the problems of not having a dedicated financial team or access to CFO services. This is the reality for many businesses like yours.

our experienced outsourced CFO and finance team

But there is a solution: outsourcing your financial team and CFO. And this solution is precisely what 3PF was founded to deliver.

Real-world experience,
financial expertise

At 3PF, we’re an experienced outsourced CFO and finance team that works with small, medium and large businesses to give them the insights, controls and advice they need.


We’re not “consultants” nor “accountants” in the traditional sense. Unlike our competitors – often people you’ve already worked with – we’re not outsiders who lean back and advise at a distance or bean counters who only ever sit on one side of the desk.

Right from helping to lead Winning Group to $500 million in turnover, through to essentially becoming “one of the crew” for our smaller clients, we have the commercial credentials and the ability to enmesh with the operations of the people we serve. You could almost think of working with us as “outsourcing your insiders”.


The way we have set up 3PF’s services means we offer all the benefits of an internal finance department at a fraction of the cost. If you’re a bigger player, you’re getting full CFO support in a more cost-effective way. If you’re a smaller player, you’re tapping into financial capability of far higher quality than others in your sector.

Solving financial
issues the 3PF way

With our help, the line staff and specialists in your existing money management team won’t be stretched onto tasks they’re not suited to or experienced in.

We’ll provide our team of financial professionals to supplement – not necessarily replace – your existing resources.


  • Strategy and CEO support
  • Experienced financial controller services
  • Cash flow forecasting to predict your future financial situation
  • Implementing scalable solutions and systems
  • Accounting reports and bookkeeping
  • Risk monitoring and management to keep your company safe
  • And more.

The 3PF team joined us at a really critical time. We had been experimenting with various elements of our commercial model in the prior few years and knew we had resolved what would work and how to grow. The team at 3PF created a platform with their systems and experience to enable us to execute our plan. We are now on a very exciting growth path and having 3PF as a trusted partner gives me significant confidence of success.


3PF goes the extra mile:
that’s where the value is

At 3PF we believe we can only give the best results if we have a real stake in your success.

Effectively, whenever we’re working on your business, we feel we’re functioning as part of your business. This is why your success is our success. And because we’re the experts who represent knowledge and skillsets you don’t have within your organisation, it logically follows that we have to exceed your expectations and educate you on how high the bar should be.

Going the extra mile on service is one of our core values,

  • We’re helpful: We don’t hide behind our scope of work, we‘ll be receptive and supportive to your team however we can.
  • We believe in being healthy and positive: We’re going to bring our own brand of energy, vitality and passion into your workplace.
  • We believe real success always includes happiness: We create a durable sense of wellbeing by always working and living by our values.

Our history
and experience

In 2016, Aaron Links, Chris White and Jeremy Paul established 3PF Pty Ltd after previously running the finance team for the Winning Group to lead it through a period of considerable growth.

Each of our founders has elite financial management skills. This means, from the core outwards, 3PF represents a unique offering that blends the commercial and consultancy sides of financial services.

What’s more, during their careers before 3PF, our three founders saw how crucial a finance team can be in turning a promising business into a thriving one … and then something even larger. This is the background and experience 3PF offers to every client we work with.

Your business
growth. Unleashed.

Find out if your Finance team is struggling to keep up with your growth