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Like many successful business owners, you know that effective financial forecasting, financial controls, bookkeeping, reporting and accounting are each vital to achieving long-term growth. Yet acquiring the capacity to get them all is a persistent challenge.

Meanwhile, you’re aware the strategies driving many small, medium and larger businesses could be achieved more effectively if they had a full-time CFO on staff. Yet you’ve found the cost of hiring one of your own is prohibitive. These are the core problems that 3PF exists to resolve.

At 3PF, we are a leading provider of outsourced CFO, finance team and accounting services that will help your business resolve current financial difficulties and set the strategies that get your growth back on track. Unlike many in this space, the way we deliver these results revolves around being deeply embedded within your organisation and culture. Through our support, you and your people can get back to the work that gives your operations forward momentum.

Financial management tasks aren’t your core function, they’re ours.

The success of many business managers is limited because they try to wear too many different hats, getting sidetracked from their highest-margin, highest-leverage work. It’s an easy trap to fall into without even quite being aware of it.

When you’re running the day-to-day operations while also juggling the first- and second-order challenges presented by bookkeeping, raising funds/attracting investors, managing payroll and maintaining compliance, it’s not a good use of two crucial and strictly limited resources: your time and your energy.

What may seem like small issues can quickly spiral out of control and lead to bigger problems such as unreliable financial reporting, poor debt collection, tax problems, ERP challenges and diminishing cash flow.

Turning to 3PF, getting back to growth

3PF is here to help you take charge of the financial side of your business and position it for growth in both the current and the coming trading environments. Backed by our combined 100 years of commercial financial management, the 3PF team can offer you a dependable way to access top-level financial management and service at a cost that suits your bottom line. Click through to find out more.

OUR packaged

We’ve found that our range of solutions can be packaged most effectively in two levels, one suited to the unique challenges of small and medium businesses, and the other matched to the distinct operating parameters of larger organisations.

Small Business

Offering best-practice finance team support for growing businesses turning over $1m to $5m p.a. that have outgrown their bookkeeper.


  • Accurate, informative and
    timely financial information
  • Regularly scheduled financial reviews
    with an experienced financial accountant
  • Monthly cash flow
  • Best-practice debtor and
    payroll management
  • Recent and high-relevance financial information to help you make good decisions
  • Awareness of your cash flow forecast gives you the scope to plan ahead effectively
  • Improved cash position, better debtor collection and confidence in payroll processes free you up to make the right strategic moves.

Outsourced CFO and
Finance Team

High-level finance team support and CFO services for strongly growing businesses that are turning over $5m and above each year.

Fee based on your requirements
  • Best-practice support from a finance team that has broad skills and strong commercial experience in high-growth organisations
  • Timely, informative and accurate financial reporting, cash flow forecasting and strategic advice
  • Cost-effective access to CFO and experienced senior accountants at a fraction of the cost of hiring directly
  • Scope of support can ramp up and down to respond to key strategic tasks, including M&A, system implementation, HR, expansion, fundraising, etc.
  • Peace of mind from improved visibility and the back-up of deeply experienced financial professionals
  • Access to experienced financial management services that can scale as your business grows
  • Improved financial controls and monitoring of the flow-on effects across cash position, financing/debtor management and compliance to support your strategic progress.

Our track record of success
backed by strong values

From all our years of experience working on both sides of the table

On our About page you will read about how our three core values support our vision to provide the best solutions for our clients over the long term:
– We’re helpful and focus on your needs.
– We believe health is wealth and prioritise a work/life balance.
– We believe in being happy ensures good relationships and results.

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Find out if your Finance team is struggling to keep up with your growth

Key philosophies: what 3PF believes in

As you review our website and read the long list of financial services and packages we offer, you’ll be learning what we do.

However, just as important is the spirit that informs how we deliver those services. The can-do culture we’ve worked hard to implement is summed up in the following key philosophies:

Roll our sleeves up!

There’s no task we see as “too small” for us to tackle. The entire team at 3PF treats every opportunity for improvement as a priority. We’ve found this is a key way to ensure positive results for clients. Unlike traditional consultants, 3PF personally gets to work to implement what we advise.

We’re all brand ambassadors!

In 3PF, every member understands that they represent our overall team. What this means for you is that we’ll always be putting our best foot forward to be friendly, professional and pleasant to work with.

We have an innovative mindset!

We pride ourselves on being thought leaders. This means we’re always looking for new ideas and new methods that could help your business move forward. Whether it’s the latest technologies or finding new efficiencies in old processes, everything is on the table.

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We’ve found that our range of solutions can be packaged most effectively in two levels, one suited to the unique challenges of small and medium businesses, and the other matched to the distinct operating parameters of larger organisations.

3PF is ready to help you put your business on its optimal growth trajectory. Yours, like every, business is to some degree hamstrung by problems it either isn’t aware of or problems it hasn’t got the resources to make a priority. Many of these issues revolve around the financial aspects of your operations.


You don’t have to put up with these known and unknown issues. They can be addressed through calling in the right outsourced finance team. Through deploying the right financial strategies and then supporting the day to day tasks – such as bookkeeping, accounting and cash flow forecasting – we free you up to stay focused on the core aspects of your business.

As a leader in the industry, 3PF looks forward to working with you. It will start through a simple conversation.